Yuma Arizona

YUMA. . . Blazing a Trail for AZ Democracy!

AZ Ground Game & AZ Blue 2020 Community Forum
was presented

Saturday February 10th, 2018
Yuma Main Library,
2951 S 21st Dr., Yuma, AZ 85364

“Building Neighborhood Connections. Turning out the Vote in Yuma 2018!”

With simple math and mapping and a loving-spoonful of inspiration we will share with you our strategic plan to elect new leadership in AZ.

AZBlue2020AZ Blue 2020 is a grassroots Political Action Committee working to empower and engage Arizona citizens in the political process. They are an independent organization of energized volunteers who want to make a difference.

Their role in this mission is to empower and prepare the grassroots members of the Democratic Party, the Precinct Committee persons. PCs are the boots on the ground working as the eyes, ears and voices for everyday Democrats.

AZ Ground Game-forumThe AZ Ground Game (TAGG) grew out of frustration with the powers that be and after years of following old & tired campaigns, we are infuriated with losing elections time and again.

We are not OK waiting for someone else to lead...

"We believe that the power of thoughtful,
dedicated citizens can change the world"

Neighborhood organization and mapping has already taken off in Pima County, Maricopa County & Navajo County. We believe that when Yuma County activists join us, we have the Ground Game we need to bring about the largest upset in AZ political history...now and in 2020.

Why are we devoting this entire year to INFORM, INSPIRE & ACTIVATE? Because the midterm election on Nov 6, 2018 will determine the future of our state and country. This election isn't just about candidates.  It is about the quality of life we want for ourselves, our families and our community.


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