WATCH: State Rep. David Schapira on Why the Voucher Law Must Be Overturned

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Arizona State Rep. David Schapira of Tempe, AZ, speaks out about why SB 1431 — the school voucher law — must be overturned by a citizen initiative. He is a public school teacher and education advocate. He fought the voucher bill in the legislature — and teachers, students and parents packed hearing rooms, hearings and rallies against the bill. Voters also sent thousands emails and phone calls opposing the bill.

But Arizona’s legislators ignored the voters and passed the voucher bill.

“We can never give up on our kids, and teacher and public schools,” Schapira said. “We will never stop resisting the mindset of politicians who believe that education should be a product that should be sold — and our children should only get as much education as their parents can afford. We believe education is a right and it should be offered to every Arizona Child.”

“The politicians have betrayed us,” he said. “A $5,000 voucher will not help a family get into a school that costs $15,000.”

“What would mean more to that family is an adequately funded school system,” Schapira says. “That’s why we put SB 1431 on the ballot. We will repeal SB 1431.”

Save Our Schools and The Ground Game are working to collect 150,000 signatures over the next 90 days.

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