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The more I learn, the more engaged I am.

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Mi familia. My family

Albondigas to the rescue!

 How many hours are there in one week?....not enough to cook healthy every night! So, I figured out that if I make a HUGE pot of (turkey) albondigas and while it is still steaming hot, ladle it into quart canning jars, cover tightly & place in the fridge on top of a thick hand towel; it lasts 2 weeks!!
When devoting your time to activism, everything is time sensitive...because your family and YOU need time too!


Crafting a schedule that works; to reach TAGG goals, to keep myself healthy, that sets time for my family & friends is an organizational feat! Add to this all the amazing people that I have been meeting and the workshops attending...The more I learn, the more engaged I am...and the more time I need!

It is easy to feel constantly behind the eight ball. 

Message to myself: Take a moment to reflect on what is going to be the most effective use of my time. Partner with more people because we are stronger together. Streamline everything I can. We have 16 months til election and there is much work to do.


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