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The Crimes of Mass Incarceration
The American Criminal Justice System in the 21st Century

Presentation by Joel Fienman

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According to one report, four states in the country have a prison population at or near all time highs: Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma and West Virginia. The Vera Institute of Justice report is clear, "If we were to rank states, by comparing high incarceration rates to low education spending per pupil, then AZ and Oklahoma would come out worse than almost any other state"

Incarceration Rates in Arizona

Education is just one factor among many: poverty, unjust cash bail system, lengthy sentences, private prison industry & more. In 2017, marijuana-related charges dominated prison admissions.
We must have open, honest dialogue about the depth and breadth of Mass Incarceration and we hope this Forum helps further the conversation by helping us all understand a little more about how these decisions are made & what we can do about it.
In 2016, AZ spent more than $1 billion on corrections according the an ACLU report: "Investment in people & communities, NOT incarceration, is how we improve public safety."

The Crimes of Mass Incarceration
The American Criminal Justice System in the 21st Century

'Truth in sentencing'? What does that mean?
Rehabilitation? How do we compare with other states?
What % are imprisoned for non-violent offenses?
Criminalizing Poverty. What are the statistics?

Tuesday July 17th, 2018 6:30-8:00pm

Pueblo High School
Little Theatre
3500 S 12th Ave Tucson AZ 85713

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Joel Feinman:
Joel was born in Tucson & received his Master's and Law degree from the University of Arizona. He joined the Pima County Public Defender's office as a felony trial attorney in 2007 and he now heads this office. Joel also teaches political science at the University of AZ.

Enjoy light refreshments, an informative evening and good company!

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