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AZ Corporation Commission Forum – Talking Points – January 2108

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Tom Chabin’s Talking Points to Share with your Defined Neighborhood

  1. The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) was created as the 4th branch of government to regulate monopolies. At present, utilities are monopolies regulated by the ACC.
  2. During the 2012 elections, Arizona’s largest public utility, Arizona Public Service (APS Phoenix area), spent large sums of dark money in state-wide races, including the races for the ACC.
  3. Last year (2016) almost all utilities in AZ applied for increased rates. The ACC staff recommended no increase in rates. The Residential Utility Consumer Office (RUCO) recommended that APS rates be reduced by $20 million a year. The Arizona Corporation Commission approved a $95 million increase in rates.

Bruce Plenk’s Talking Points to Share with your Defined Neighborhood

  1. The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is like the Public Utilities Commission in other states. It regulates monopoly gas, electric, and water companies
  2. Arizona’s requirement for solar, called the Renewable Energy Standard Tariff (or REST) is 15% of electric sales for each utility by 2025, and was set by the ACC in 2006. It is far short of what we now need and far less than other states’ targets. For example, CA now has a 50% renewables by 2030 standard and may go for 100%
  3. The current ACC is reducing the amount that future solar customers get paid for power they send to the utility company (netmetering). This change will make rooftop solar less attractive to homeowners. We are now waiting for an ACC decision on TEP’s netmetering case.
  4. Arizona utilities are generally supportive of solar…so long as they own it! They are not supportive of individual homeowners or businesses owning their own solar. We need commissioners who will protect the consumers and consider their interests and are not influenced by the utilities.
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