Gerrymandering...Guess what the AZ Legislature is scheming now!

Gerrymandering…Guess what the AZ Legislature is scheming now!

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Gerrymandering...Thought we took care of this already!
Remember, they think we won't vote!

Gerrymandering...Guess what the AZ Legislature is scheming now!

In 2001 AZ voters demanded that our Redistricting Commission be independent of the Legislature. We voted and the Independent Redistricting Commission worked to create fair and balanced representation for all voters.

Under current law, commissioners are appointed from a pool of 25 applicants recommended by the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments. From that pool, Republican and Democratic Legislative leaders pick two appointees from their parties. Then, those four select a registered independent — from the pool of recommended candidates. article from June of last year is an informative read.

Now, the GOP controlled AZ Legislature wants to change this process with SCR 1034 giving the power back to themselves!

The more informed we are, the better voter we become!

Tuesday  March 20, 2018 6:30-8:00pm
Pima County Housing Center 801 West Congress

Presentations by:

Hollace Lyon

Holly is a retired Air Force Colonel, 26 years of service. She currently is an LD11 House Candidate and serves as the Senior Vice Chair for the Democratic Party.

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