Speed Dating the Propositions . . Your Ballot and You

Get Ready!
Know the Propositions

Arizona has 5 Statewide Ballot Propositions
#125,   #126,   #127,   #305,   #306

If we vote YES or NO, What happens?  When?

We will be VOTING on issues ranging from; Privatizing our Public Education to Strategically Increasing our Renewable Energy Output …from Ending Clean Elections as we know it to Preventing Potential New Tax Revenue. Plus more info on the City and County Propositions #407,   #408,   #463
We were honored to have these representatives speak on each of these propositions.
  • Robin Hiller
  • Scot Simmons Retired Corrections Officer
  • Eric Hann Retired Corrections Officer
  • Todd Begay, Clean Energy for a Healthy AZ
  • Stephanie Hamilton, Southern AZ Regional Director, Save Our Schools AZ, No on Prop 305
  • Athena Salman, AZ House Representative District 26
  • Paul Durham, Council Member, Ward 3
  • Steve Farley, State Senator, Assistant Minority Leader, District 9

Scott Simmons, Eric Hann & Steve Farley
Proposition 125
Overhauls corrections officers, elected officials' pension plans.

Steve Farley
Proposition 126
Prohibit New or Increased Taxes on Services Initiative


Todd Begay
Proposition 127
Clean Energy for a Healthy AZ

Stephanie Hamilton
Proposition 305
Expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

Athena Salman
Proposition 306
Clean Elections

Paul Durham
Propositions 407
City of Tucson Parks Bond
Proposition 408
City of Tucson Even Year Elections
Proposition 463
Pima County Road Bond

Robin Hiller
Views on electing Judge Clint Bolick

The forum was held

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Literacy Connects
200 E Yavapai Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705

The Arizona Ground Game and our Community Partners

The Arizona Ground Game Outlaw Dirty Money
Pima Area Labor Federation Progressive Democrats of America
Represent Me AZ LD 3 Democrats
LD 9 Democrats LD 10 Democrats
YWCA-Stand Together Arizona
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