SOS Petitions are ready for pick up. Please help overturn SB 1431

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We now have petitions from “Save Our Schools” (SOS). This is in response to the AZ Legislature’s passing and Governor Ducey signing SB 1431, ramping up the process of bankrupting our public schools and shifting our public education dollars to private, charter and parochial schools. Governor Ducey signed this shameful, flawed legislation almost instantaneously.

But these petitions bring good news! We have the possibility of overturning this horrible law at the ballot box in November 2018 by allowing the citizens of AZ who overwhelmingly oppose this law, to vote NO! We only need to collect 75,000 signatures by August 1.

We have the potential in Pima County alone to gather the signatures needed.  Pima County has over 200,000 registered Democrats and over 173,000 registered Independents. What a testament it will be to the power of our organizing when the citizens of AZ gather enough signatures to refer this bill to the ballot!

The timing of gathering petition signatures couldn’t be better for meeting one of our initial objectives: meeting our neighbors and letting them know we are making a commitment to be active citizens. We want to know what issues are important to our neighbors and we are here if they have any questions..what we don’t know, we will work to find out.

Because August 1 is right around the corner, we need your help NOW!

SOS is asking for us to return full petition pages preferably within 2 weeks to meet their initial target. We will continue to collect ballots until August 1. The instructions are VERY clear and they are attached. Each packet has room for 15 signatures. Once your petition is complete, it needs to have your signature, as the Circulator, notarized. Contact us if you need help finding a Notary.

I have to repeat this, the instructions for gathering signatures MUST be followed perfectly or the petitions will not be valid.

Click here to link to AZ Public Square to see 3 important documents and to watch the video.

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