Save Our Schools Petition Drive is in it’s last week!

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One more week to Save Our Schools!

Save Our Public Schools!

AZ Legislature passed SB1431 this year and we are saying


This Voucher Law (SB1431) allows the little bit of money left for our teachers & public schools to be used for private, parochial and home schooling; allowing privateers to profit from our tax dollars with almost NO accountability!

Our state ranks 48th for public school funding. (Source: KTAR)

5 more days!
ONE more week!

Even if you only have 1 signature

on your petition
Please notarize and turn in!

This is the only concrete way to stop this.
Help us get over the Finish Line. This is the last week to sign/turn-in petitions!

SOS Arizona

Check out the SOS website to find where to sign and/or turn in petitions.


This petition is REAL, not like an online petition with no teeth. This has teeth. Once we meet our goal of 75,000 VALID signatures, SB1431 is stopped and it gets referred to the ballot in 2018 when we all get to vote NO and at the same time vote in new leadership that looks out for our students and teachers!

For More Info Visit SOS Arizona

P.S. If you have a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker who’d like to learn more about our Ground Game efforts, please share this invitation to them.

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