Wanted! Volunteers for Project 2020 LD11

Wanted! Volunteers for Project 11

We have been working on a program to engage not only the 10,000 registered Democrats who didn't vote in 2018 in LD11 but, a targeted selection of Independent/Other voters.

Many groups in LD11 are preparing for the 2020 election. The work we do now, prevents a duplication of efforts later in the year.

Be an Active Citizen in your Community!

"You vote in elections once every two years but when you volunteer you vote every day about the kind community you want to live in."

All the prep is done. All the data has been scoured. All the packets are ready.

We Need Your Help!



Signing Petition Overview

For more information about the Outlaw Dirty Money Initiative: https://outlawdirtymoney.com/

Project 2020 - LD11 Roadmap Packet Review

Thank you for your volunteer efforts on Project 2020 – LD11 Roadmap!

The work you do now informs newly registered Voters and low-turnout Voters.

A better informed voter, votes for better leaders.

Remember to:

  1. Keep notes in the space below the voter’s name. Did you meet them? Date you were there? Do they still live there or did they move? How did it go? Did they sign the petition? Were they interested in Save Our Schools?
  2. Wear your Save Our Schools, AZ Ground Game or Outlaw Dirty $ Shirt. If you don’t have one, make sure you have a button or something that identifies who you are representing…you can use one of our cards.
  3. Did you recruit someone to help you? It is so much easier and more fun to do this with a friend.
  4. We have mentors who will go for your first outreach. Send us an email and we will connect you!
  5. Have fun and know that the work you are doing now is incredibly important and will minimize, if not eliminate duplication of efforts.

LD11 is


Oro Valley



Casa Grande


Red Rock

Continental Ranch

Why LD11?

Current elected representatives support laws and regulations that negatively affect AZ Citizens statewide  . . .

  • On Education and Schools and Teacher Pay
  • On Land Ownership and Land Use
  • On the Environment.
  • On Gun Control
  • In Support of Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and Corporations.

If you or anyone else are interested in helping
Please send us an email to info@azgroundgame.org

Peace and progress,

The Arizona Ground Game

The Arizona Ground Game
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