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_____ How to Be an Effective Ground Game Guide: Engaging your neighbors, building relationships, sharing your experiences with other guides

_____ Our First Words: Helping people connect with our country’s founding ideas by reading and discussing together the actual words our Founders wrote in the Declaration of Independence & our Constitution.

_____ Communications 101:  How to write letters to the editor, communicate with legislators and participate in social media (Facebook and Twitter)

_____ The Ins and Outs of Voter Registration: What every Arizona voter needs to know

_____ Your Arizona Legislators: Who represents us, how they work, how to contact them, and how to follow their voting records

_____ Your Arizona Legislature:  How it works, upcoming bills, and how to follow the progress of each one, and how to comment on these bills

_____ The Voters Rights Act and Gerrymandering

_____ The School Voucher System and its effects on Public Education, particularly here in Arizona

_____ Local and National Resources: Websites we need to know about; calendars; publications; social media sites and other resources in order to stay current and in the know

_____ How to follow bills in Congress (National)

_____The Arizona Corporation Commission and how elected Commissioners affect you

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