Making A Difference

Get to Know Your Community.

There are many, wonderful, important organizations right here in Arizona.

Are you passionate about our environment?

Are you concerned about Health Care?

Do you want to get involved with organizations that work to stamp out hunger?

Here is a list of just a few organizations that make a difference in our community.

Do you know of others?

Please send us an email with their info and we will work to learn more about them and hopefully add them to this list.

SOS Superhero Saturday! July 29th

Be a Superhero this Saturday! Save Our Public Schools! AZ Legislature passed SB1431 this year and we are saying "HELL NO!" This Voucher Law (SB1431) […]


The more I learn, the more engaged I am.

 How many hours are there in one week?....not enough to cook healthy every night! So, I figured out that if I make a HUGE pot […]


Pounding the pavement..even when our shoes are melting!

Thank you to everyone working diligently to gather signatures on the SOS petitions!  Every day I receive a call from someone wanting to pick up […]


WOW! WE have an AMAZING Special Guest Speaker for Monday night!

David Fitzsimmons, the Arizona Daily Star’s cartoonist, will be speaking at The Arizona Ground Game meeting Monday night June 12th at the YWCA 525 N. Bonita […]


TAGG…You’re IT! Tutorials and Workshops

By Tamar Rala Kreiswith, TAGG Steering Committee Member The AZ Ground Game (TAGG) is presenting a ‘Dual Session’ this coming Monday with two very important […]


Gathering signatures: We have to follow the Instructions to a T!

Important notes when collecting signatures for Save Our Schools: You cannot sign your own petition! You cannot separate the petition from the stapled paperwork…it will […]