Ground Game Steering Committee

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Tamar Rala Kreiswirth

Founder and Chair – Tamar Rala Kreiswirth

Guide Committee  Jane Lassar and Marlene Bluestein

  • Welcome new guides and arrange one-on-ones when appropriate.
  • Oversee Guide match
  • Guide resource
  • Follow up

Tutorial Committee – Patti Hartmann

  • Develop tutorial “lesson plans” and find speakers
  • Lead tutorials, along with other steering committee members.
  • Maintain ongoing list of new presenters
  • Publicity and communication.

Publicity and Communications Committee – Larry Bodine

  • Add content to the Facebook page
  • Compose flyers and invitations for all meetings

Data/Email Committee – Antha Whitehorn

  • Oversee email list for Guide recruitment using MailChimp email program (230 names)
  • Develop and maintain database of confirmed Guides
  • Create sign-in sheets for every meeting
  • Manage all documents for availability for the Guides

Meeting Committee – Joy and Gina

  • Find venues for all meetings.
  • Provide refreshments and coordinate handouts for meetings.
  • Coordinate supplies for meetings (whiteboards, maps, nametags, etc.)

Outreach Committee – Marlene Bluestein

  • Attend meetings of other political groups and organizations to keep up with current events.
  • Serve as spokesperson at other organizational meetings to acquaint them with GG’s mission
  • Arrange for tabling at community organization meetings and public events

Secretary – open

Takes notes at meetings, tutorials and send out to steering committee

Cartography – Greg, Gabriel Acosta, Tig Gardner

Create maps for TAGG volunteers

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