Draft Outlaw Dirty Money Petition

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UPDATED 2/28/2018 vpaarizona.org | By Terry Goddard | November 8, 2017

As we wrote recently, before we launch the huge task of gathering thousands of signatures, we want to be as sure as possible that we got the Outlaw Dirty Money proposition right. The dirty money forces will attack every misplaced comma. Therefore, we want the maximum possible number of critical eyes to view the Outlaw Dirty Money text before it is filed. Once we file with the Secretary of State, the text cannot be changed.

You will see right away that this Initiative Measure is a petition to amend the Arizona Constitution. It will require a minimum of 225,963 valid signatures of Arizona voters! Outlawing Dirty Money is so important, and the majority in the Legislature and most state officials are so hopelessly committed to protecting Dirty Money, that we decided the extra effort was needed. Let’s put this into our Constitution, where they cannot fiddle with it!

The basic idea is very simple: we have the right to know where all the money in politics came from. Period. This Arizona Constitutional Amendment requires that the person who spends over $10,000 trying to influence an Arizona election must disclose the original source of the money. Not just who wrote the last check in a long series of transfers designed to hide the real contributor, but who wrote the first check from their own funds. We have the right to know!

Please read the draft petition text on our Voice of the People website with a critical eye, considering all the implications. Please let us know your comments or corrections by returning this email before next Monday, November 20th. From finding typos (hope there are none!) to finding possible unintended consequences or unnecessary duplicate disclosures, we need your input. Either approve or improve it.

Many thanks,

Terry Goddard

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