Speed Dating The Propositions On Our November Ballot

Speed Dating the Ballot Propositions

The Arizona Ground Game (TAGG) hosted Speed Dating the Ballot Propositions
on Saturday, September 17, 2022 to educate voters about the 10 propositions on the November ballot.

 8 Dynamic Speakers walked us through all 10 of the Propositions on our Ballot providing important information. Also, guest speakers spoke about about the state of Reproductive Care & Repealing the New Universal Voucher Law

Of the 10, five Constitutional Amendments and three other propositions were proposed by the Legislature. Two Citizens Initiatives -- the Voters' Right to Know Act (AKA Stop Dark Money) and Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act (AKA Healthcare Rising) made it on the ballot. Sadly the Free and Fair Elections Citizens Initiative and Arizona Right to Reproductive Freedom Citizens Initiative didn't make it on the ballot. . . . but they are front and center in every choice we make with our vote.

Early Ballots will be in the mail October. BE PREPARED

Speed Dating the Ballot Propositions, Part 1

  • Pamela Powers Hannley, Arizona House State Representative
  • Erik Jung, Healthcare Rising
  • Merrill Eisenberg, Ph.D. , Stop Dark Money
  • Firefighter Ryan Ward

Know the Propositions

Prop #'s 128,129,132 - AZ Legislature wants to change the Initiative Process again

Prop 309 - Imposes more requirements for voter ID

Prop 130 - Tax exemptions for disabled vets. We would vote YES . .  BUT . . . the AZ Leg gave themselves enormous power to provide tax exemptions to whomever they choose.

Prop 131 - Requiring the Gubernatorial nominee to have a running mate

Prop 209 - Predatory Debt Collection

Prop 211 - Disclose dark money in our elections - Voter's Right to Know

Prop 310 - Increase state sales tax for Fire Districts

Speed Dating the Ballot Propositions, Part 2

  • Karina Ruiz de Diaz, Arizona Dream Act Coalition
  • Catherine Ripley, Pima College Governing Board Member
  • Chelsea Acree, School Teacher, Political Action Chair for the Marana Education Association and Volunteer for Save Our Schools
  • Dr. Marilyn Medwied, Board Certified OBGYN

Know the Propositions

Prop #308 Re: In-State Tuition for undocumented High School graduates

Public Schools - Repealing HB 2853, the new AZ Universal Voucher law

Reproductive Health in AZ- Can your OBGYN Doctor provide proper health care?

Representative Pam Powers Hannley
Arizona House, LD18

In this video, I discuss six of the ballot propositions that the Legislature put on the ballot: Prop 128, Prop 129, Prop 130, Prop 131, Prop 132 and Prop 309. For the record, I am recommending a "no" on all of them.

Healthcare Rising Explains Predatory Debt Ballot Prop 209

In this video, Erik Jung of Healthcare Rising discusses Prop 209 Predatory Debt Protection Act. It will greatly help people avoid losing their homesteads and other assets due to medical debt. I recommend a "yes" vote on Prop 209

'Stop Dark Money' Prop 211 Brings Transparency

Stop Dark Money organizer Merrill Eisenberg discusses how Prop 211 will bring more campaign finance transparency to Arizona elections. The Voters' Right to Know Act requires disclosure of donor names to independent expenditure organizations. These are so-called "dark money" groups because their donors are secret. Dark money groups can raise and spend unlimited amounts of cash to elect or defeat selected candidates, but they cannot coordinate directly with any candidate campaigns. Big money donors like to remain anonymous when they spend thousands or millions of dollars to elect or defeat candidates. It tarnishes the corporate image when the public finds out that the CEO is a kook with deep pockets. I recommend a "yes" vote on Prop 211.

Prop 310 Raises TPT to Fund Fire Districts

Firefighter Ryan Ward discusses Prop 310 fire districts; funding; TPT increment. Ward does a great job explaining the back story on why Prop 310 is needed. Without giving up the story, the Legislature's tinkering with property taxes over the past 10 years has left many rural fire districts dangerously underfunded. The goal of Prop 310 is improved response times for people who live rural Arizona and those who travel and vacation there. I recommend a "yes" vote on Prop 310. I also recommend that the Legislature stop cutting taxes and leaving local services gravely underfunded.

Prop 308 Would Restore In-State Tuition for Dreamers

Karina Ruiz de Diaz, executive director of the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, discusses Prop 308 and offers a history lesson in Arizona government. Ruiz de Diaz was a young college student, when then Governor Jan Brewer signed the law ending in-state tuition for resident non-citizens. Through sheer determination and hard work, Ruiz de Diaz finished her college education, one class at a time because that was all she could afford. I recommend a "yes" vote on Prop 308. A better educated workforce helps us all. Education should be affordable for everyone. I also recommend that the Legislature stop passing laws that are purposefully hurtful and discriminatory.

Prop 308 Would Benefit Pima College & Tucson Community

Pima Community College Governing Board Member Catherine Ripley said that passage of Prop 308, in-state tuition for Dreamers, would help Pima Community College recruit more students and help the Tucson community as a whole. I agree. An educated workforce benefits us all. I recommend a "yes" vote on Prop 308

SOS: Why Universal Vouchers Are Bad for Public Education

School teacher and Save Our Schools (SOS) volunteer Chelsea Acree talks about the recent efforts to stop enactment of universal school voucher expansion legislation passed by the Arizona Legislature in 2022. This video was recorded while SOS was still collecting signatures to stop voucher expansion and put vouchers on the ballot, as they did in 2018. Unfortunately, the signature drive fell short, and universal taxpayer-funded private and religious school vouchers became law in September 2022.

Post-Roe Status of Abortion Care in Arizona

OB/GYN Dr. Marilyn Medwied discusses the state of abortion care in Arizona after the Supreme Court decision which struck down Roe v Wade and made abortion a state matter. Since this video was recorded, a Pima County Superior Court judge and Ducey appointee lifted a stay on an 1864 abortion law, making it the law in Arizona. Dr. Medwied offers chilling examples of the medical decisions that pregnant people and their doctors are now facing in Arizona. Medical care should be routed in science and public health -- not religious mysticism surrounding the beginning of life.

Reproductive choice and access to legal and affordable medical and surgical abortion are on the Nov. 8, 2022 ballot. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the Republican candidates for office in Arizona are anti-abortion and back the 1864 law.

Vote Democrat on or before Nov. 8 to preserve reproductive rights, voting rights and basic civil rights. Republicans want to party like it's 1864. Democrats should vote like it's 2022. Our country's future is hanging in the balance.

Sites to help you make voting decisions:

  • CEBV.us 2022 Gavel Watch Report Card This site provides detailed info about the props as well as Judge retentions. (Re: Supreme Court we are voting NO on Beene and Montgomery. CEBV only says to vote NO on Montgomery)
  • Azcourts.gov/jpr/Judicial-Performance-Reports Provides info on judge retention
  • NorthsideDems.org This site breaks down the candidates by your precinct # if you live in Pima and Pinal counties. They will also list the non-partisan races soon.
  • SOSArizona.org/vote4publiced/schoolboardcandidates/ Provides info about school board candidates. Catalina Foothills School District candidates aren't listed yet. We are voting for: Mehmert, Krauss and Bhola. This year we have slates of school board candidates that are aligned with Steve Bannon and Betsy DeVos. They call themselves Purple Parents...be careful who you vote for school board this year and make sure everyone you know is given the link to this site.
  • Vote411.org This is a link for general information by the League of Women Voters
  • Recorder.pima.gov/VoterStats/VoterInfo To check your voter info in Pima County
  • ServiceArizona.com To verify your voter status, change address, register to vote in AZ
  • Recorder.pima.gov General voter info in Pima County

We are thankful to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation
for providing a wonderful place where our community can gather and learn about issues that affect us all.

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