Everything You Need to Know About AZ Propositions

Here are the proposals that will be on the ballot in November. These are not partisan issues, so suggestions are made about which direction moves us toward a more socially- just society.

From The Arizona Legislative Alert-A project of UUJAZZ and VUU.
Giving Voice to UU Values in Arizona
September 11, 2018

Initiatives Pros and Cons

Prepared by Anne L. Schneider, PH.D. All opinions are those of the author.
Shining a bright light for social justice!

The proposals that will be on the ballot in November can be confusing! Here’s the lineup and the suggested vote.

The disappointment has not yet worn off that two critically important initiatives were knocked off the November ballot by Supreme Court rulings, but it is time now to focus on those that are on the ballot. Here’s the lineup . . . View pro and con reasoning on each!

View “pro” and “con” arguments on all the initiatives
download pdf at http://files.vuu.org/uujaz/2018/alert-091018.pdf
and also at this link: https://azsos.gov/elections/initiative-referendum-and-recall

Quick Summary

Proposition 125 - Corrections Officer Retirement Plans.
We are not taking a position on this proposal

Proposition 126 - Protect Arizona’s Taxpayers Act. WHY vote no? If this is passed, it would prevent the AZ Legislature from being able to increase existing taxes on a wide range of items and prohibit any new ones on “services” – although the definition of “services” is murky at best. Could be a trojan horse!

Proposition 305 - Vote NO Expansion of Empowerment Scholarships. Why vote no? This proposal if passed would AFFIRM SB1431 passed last year that expands vouchers to all K-12 students. Save Our Schools and other public education supporters are trying to VETO this bill. A NO vote VETOES voucher expansion.

Proposition 127 - Clean Energy for a Health Arizona Why? If you want to do your part to combat climate change, then a YES vote requires AZ Utility companies to reach 15% clean energy by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

Proposition 306 - Arizona Unlawful Contributions from Clean Election Accounts and Commission Rulemaking Requirements. Why vote no? A complicated proposal, but its consequences would be to insert partisanship into the Clean Elections Commission and take away its rule-making authority and its enforcement authority over election finance and other laws.
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