ALEC-Destroying Our Democracy State by State!

ALEC . . Destroying our Democracy State by State!

This Forum was held Tuesday, December 3rd 2019

(ALEC-American Legislative Exchange Council)

AZ elected officials are spoon-fed “half-baked, cookie-cutter legislation meant to benefit billionaires and corporations. And the politicians, hoping for support from those business interests, force-feed it to you.”

  • Who and What are ALEC & ACCE?

  • Who supports them? Who funds them?

  • What AZ Legislators are active members?

  • What bills/laws have been put into effect directly due to AZ ALEC members.

Arizona introduced at least 209 bills copied from ALEC models, 57 of which became law. Only one other state, Mississippi, debated and passed more ALEC models, according to USA TODAY's analysis.

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ALEC Intro

Domingo DeGrazia

Phil Lopes

Hank Stephenson

Special Guests:

Hank Stephenson,
AZ Capitol Times reporter, 2016 AZ Press Club Journalist of the Year award winner, Three-time winner AZ Newspaper Association’s ‘Story of the Year’ award.

Phil Lopes
Phil Lopes came to Tucson in 1969 to help establish Pima Community College. He is also known for his work in Public Health.  He was elected and served in the AZ House of Representatives from 2003 – 2011, for four of those years he served as Democratic minority leader.

Domingo DeGrazia
Domingo DeGrazia is a trial attorney in juvenile court. He is the youngest son of the artist Ted DeGrazia and currently is a Democratic Legislator in the AZ House of Representatives.

”ALEC . . .the most effective organization” at spreading conservatism and federalism to state lawmakers.
- Newt Gingrich

Peace and progress,

The Arizona Ground Game

The Arizona Ground Game
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