30 Ways to Get Involved

Phone banking
Data entry
Provide childcare for other volunteers
Host a postcard party
Join the events & party planning team
Comfort captain
Put outdoor hangers
Write postcards
Donate supplies
Print off papers
Facilitate a skills development training
Host a fundraiser
Attend meetings
Help defer costs
Introduce candidate to a group you are a part of
Recruit other volunteers
Communications manager
Voter registration
Store supplies
Provide transportation
Poll watcher
Poll worker
Make reminder phone calls to people who have RSVP'd to attend an event
Create a small side business to fund local grassroots efforts
Make calls daily to your MoC
Be a liaison between your group and partners in the community
Vote on election day
Create a plan to talk to every friend and family member about voting for candidate
Assist with new member recruitment and orientation
Lead a short term project
Do research
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