quoteWe want Arizona to Prosper for Us, Our Kids and Our Grandkids!

As we reflect on the current situation in Arizona, we see the need for improvement in every single area of importance including: economy, education, health care, environment, immigration, voting rights and so much more.

For us to have policy makers that lead from a set of principles -- fairness, equal opportunity, human dignity -- we must elect leaders who will develop and support public policies that reflect these values.

The Ground Game emerged as a result of our belief that the power of this change lies within the people, the citizens of Arizona.

Our mission is to encourage active citizenship through neighborhood building and public policy education.

Our neighbors need to be aware what our Arizona Legislature is doing and who is doing it. We need to learn more about who is running for office and what their positions are. And we must start now, months before elections, so we are not scrambling 2 months before the election - begging Arizonans for votes.

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about The Arizona Ground Game, please contact us: info@azgroundgame.org

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